Bringing together the extended family of CHM and LJAS in new ways.

Welcome to our Morrison Family website!

The name Oceans of Love was chosen because Carleton Henry Morrison, Sr., used that closing in

letters to his children.  Isn't it terrific!?  This website is for all those related...in any way...to him and

his wife, Linnea Johanna Augusta Setterlind.  The goal is to help us stay connected....while here on

earth and beyond!


Your webmaster, Evelyn Morrison (also known as Mom, Evy, Aunt Evelyn or Muv) is truly a novice when it comes to website establishment and development….let alone DESIGN!   So, dear family members, please be patient with your webmaster.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Just send a message to evelyn_morrison<sign for at>comcast<sign for dot> net [this format is used on this easily accessible page to reduce spam].

By the way, "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" was Linnea's favorite song.  And, yes, the ocean view picture was taken in Hawaii.....where Mori and Linn met and married.